Why Design+Build

Why Design+Build?

As a homeowner, there are many project delivery methods to choose from when you’re considering a construction project.  The one that most people are familiar with is the Design-Bid-Build method where you engage an Architect/Designer first, and then go through the process of selecting a contractor after the design is complete by sending the plans and scope out to multiple firms.  This method can be cumbersome, time-consuming, and costly for today’s busy families by juggling contracts with 2 different firms – Architect/Designer and Contractor.  



Design-Build is sole-source responsibility.  We want you to transfer the risk of out of your hands as a homeowner with limited construction knowledge and into ours as capable, experienced construction professionals.  By integrating the Design and Building aspects of the process, we can design projects that are feasible for the budget presented and eliminate the risk of wasting lots of time and money on an independent designer who may be guessing at what the project will cost.  Design-Build reduces change orders, disputes, and finger pointing that can arise from using separate design and construction entities. The homeowner is free from the burden of being the project manager and the liability of ensuring that the Designer and Builder are communicating with each other on critical project details.



We can educate you from the beginning on budgetary guidelines while providing you with proven cost-saving design methods to ensure you’re receiving the highest value your dollars can provide.  Design-Build is a collaborative experience between the homeowner and Builder and eliminates a lot of process waste and double communication. Our process is built on trust, mutual respect, and creative problem solving from the very beginning.



Simply put, using one company can save a tremendous amount of time.  The Design-Build process allows you to overlap the designing and budgeting phases by having highly-trained, experienced construction professionals working alongside a designer on their team to develop a project faster than other methods.  This integrated approach allows predictable construction timelines and faster problem-solving when issues arise.