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At BH Design Build, our unique "All Under One Roof" Design Build Process delivers an easy, efficient, and pleasant experience for Residential Custom Homes|Remodeling and Commercial New Construction|Remodeling.  Through all the phases of the Architectural Design, Interior finish selections in our 5000 square foot gallery, to general contraction during construction, we take care of all the details.


When The Design and Construction Are Both Handled By One Firm, All Of The Process Waste, Pricing Ambiguity, Communication Gaps, Finger Pointing, Construction Delays, Cost Overruns, And Unpleasant Surprises JUST GO AWAY.

We’ve all heard the horror stories of new home projects gone wrong.  Sometimes the problems are due to just plain shoddy workmanship.  But more frequently, the frustration stems from lack of coordination between the design intent and the contractor who’s actually doing the construction.  This is a problem that affects even the highest quality architects and builders.

At BH Design+Build we’ve taken a novel approach that eliminates all of the most frequent home building frustrations – pricing problems, construction delays, projects that go over budget, etc. – by bringing both the design and construction under one roof.  This makes all the difference in the world. The fact is, many architects and designers have a limited knowledge of actual construction costs – so they blindly design what they think you want without knowing if their design actually fits within your budget.  That means unpleasant surprises when you bring the plans to a contractor for bid.  From here the process enters in to multiple cycles of design alterations and re-bidding that simply wasting your time and money.  Unfortunately, this cyclical “process waste” usually extends into the construction phase as well.

Our in-house design team has the expertise to eliminate this “process waste” so you spend more of you money on your home, not in the process.  We will help you create the perfect design that fits your personal needs, tastes, AND budget.  Not only that, all the inevitable delays, miscommunications, finger pointing, and “not what I thought I was getting” go away.  Communication, design, and quality construction are our hallmarks—and we don’t leave anything to chance.

To find out more, read the “Our Process” section of this website, then give us a call to talk about your project.  We would be happy to discuss the details regarding your new home and help you have a pleasant experience.  With BH Design+Build pleasant isn’t just possible, it’s inevitable.